Sommore Calls Out ‘Phony’ Sheryl Underwood (Watch)

Sommore Calls Out Phony Sheryl Underwood

Sheryl Underwood & Sommore

*Months after Sheryl Underwood put Sommore, Adele Givens and Laura Hayes on blast after overhearing them talk about her during a Queens of Comedy conference call, Sommore is shedding light on the situation with her side of the story.

Chatting with The Breakfast Club, Sommore didn’t hold back when telling exactly how she feels about Underwood and how what really happened with that infamous conference call.

“Sheryl Underwood, Jesus…The thing about it is, I’m a chandelier. I always call myself a chandelier. I don’t hate on nobody. I don’t compare myself to nobody. I don’t compete with nobody else. I just try to be the best me I can be. Miss Underwood was never considered to be a Queen of Comedy. Never,” the comedienne said. “What she was talking about, was the project that we were discussing about going into prisons and doing comedy for inmates. And she overheard a conversation about us. You know, when you’re doing business, when it comes down to the details of things, sometimes you don’t really want to hear all that. Even when an agent is going in to talk about their client, they don’t bring their client with them because some things that are said might not sound good to them. So that’s what basically happened.”

Sommore’s comments come after Hayes and Givens reportedly weighed in on the conference call in September. The funnywoman later admitted that it bothered her that Underwood felt the way she did and decided to air out their conflict on “The Talk.”

Sommore also made it clear that she is not, and never has been, friends with “The Talk” co-host.

“And the thing that bothered me about it was that I seen her about two weeks before she said this on television. And we were at Steve Harvey’s Hoodie Awards, and she did this skit where she called up all the comedians on stage and she was calling me. All the people that was there they can attest to this. She kept saying ‘Sommore come on up on stage’. And I didn’t go. Because first of all, I don’t rock with her like that. And one thing I’m not, I’m not phony. I don’t rock with her like that. And it was weird because people were like, ’Where is she? I just seen her?’ I didn’t dip out, I just didn’t move,” said Sommore, who made it clear that she is not, and never has been friends with “The Talk” co-host.

“It’s not that I don’t like her, I’m cordial to her. I just don’t rock with her like that. Meaning, I’m not getting ready to come up and be part of your skit–for what? You do you, do what you do. So what was crazy was, if you felt that way about me or that I wronged you, why would you invite me on stage? See, I don’t like people that have ulterior motives. I felt like, you’re on TV every single day and you obviously ran out of stuff to talk about. I didn’t even recall the conversation. We were talking about business, it wasn’t even funny. I can’t even imagine it being funny.”

To see Sommore’s interview with The Breakfast Club below, check out the video below. Sommore begins talking about Underwood around the 5:30 mark.


(Sommore Calls Out Phony Sheryl Underwood)
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  1. ladyellle
    Hmmmm... makes sense from Sommore's point of view! Interesting that Sheryl tried to get her up on stage... was there a motive for that! smh I don't like phonies... if you don't like someone or are not feeling them... STAY AWAY!
    LOL at how Sommore is trying to flip the phony act on Sheryl Underwood when it was Sommore & the other Judas comedians being overheard talking ish & being phony behind Sheryl's back. Sommore should get the "SIT THE F DOWN" award for today.
  3. Pleasant1
    The stuff that she is quoted saying barely makes sense. Also, Sheryl said she moved on so why wouldn't she call all the comedians on stage? I think you call that giving people their just due.
  4. Taurusingr
    I dig her comedy?, but chick is a....hate'en hypocrite peeeeeriod! How can some
  5. Taurusingr
    Cont......someone claim to "not" be a hater/respect her ppl/their talent/"not be against her own" in one sentence, & in the very NEXT sentence say...."I didn't go 'on stage b/c..."I don't rock with her, like that"!?? Yo dizzy ass!, you're contradicting yourself!! This is prolly some female "S. Harvey /B.Mac." BS, & chick knew SU would steal the GD show away FROM her ass & the others, "THAT's" whaddup!!!! BOOM!
  6. me
    Brakfast club?
  7. I agree with Droppn. Sommore should go some where and sit down and STFU!
  8. I've seen both of these artist from their very beginning in the 90s, TV and Live, but while sheryl career drpped into a lull/ She was abled to re-invent herself for TV because both worked a very X-rated show, But Sommore is a Comedic meteor, clearly funnier in material and presence. But, Hey,IJS.
  9. I love Sommore.. I go to see her every time she comes to Boston but I'm kinda perplexed at what she meant by Charlotte, NC having "smart and quick witted people" maybe I missed something?
  10. Sheryl heard it right!
  11. who really gives a damn about that infamous phone call? I am not very familiar with Sommore, but I am familiar with the ignorant self hating Underwood and if you ask me she is the one who needs to sit the fk down.
  12. Shelia
    Its sad that the few black female comedians aren't united, I was real surprised that Sommore, Adele Givens and Laura Hayes were that hateful, but like she said, u really don't know what someone feels about you, but lets b honest on the comedic level, Sheryl Underwood was always funnier to me, also maybe they are jealous because even though they had the show without her, she went on to get a lucrative TV deal and none of them are on TV everyday getting them checks like SU is, I'm just saying when it the last time you heard about any of those other people in the last 6mons.? 12mons.? 18mons.? and 24mons.?

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