Fazion Love Explains Why He Referred to Spike Lee as A ‘House N*gga’ – EUR Exclusive

*Fazion Love made headlines last week after doing an interview at New York’s HOT 97 morning show with Ebro where he referred to Spike Lee as a “House N*gga.”

DeRay Davis who was also being interviewed alongside Love seemed to be shocked about the comments as well. The interview was originally supposed to be apart of the PR outreach to promote their new movie that also stars Lil Duval called “Grow House.”

The press junket for the movie was held at the W Hotel in Westwood on Tuesday, April 17th with the cast. EUR correspondent Kiki Ayers caught up with Love at the junket to see if he stood by his statements he made about Lee during the interview. His response was “Hell Yeah.”

“He does Chi-Raq and does a movie about f*ckin Chicago, you don’t know about Chicago n*gga,” said Love. “Spike Lee don’t know street s*it so he doesn’t know what’s going on in Chicago because he’s a house n*gga.”

He explained that Spike Lee is a part of the the establishment. He was most outraged when he directed “X,” a movie shining light on Malcolm. He thought it was ridiculous Lee put himself in the movie as a comedy relief.

Paired with him in the interview was Raquel Lee who play Duval’s crazy and overbearing girlfriend in the film. She told us that Love has referred to Lee as a “house n*gga,” before in the past.

She also said she loved playing the role of possessive girl and crazy black woman because that’s what we are she said jokingly.

She did say she embraced the character because at one time, she could readily relate to her, but she is no longer in that space in her personal life. Raquel Lee is now married to a Frenchman and has a child that is fluent in French.

“Whenever I get to have an outlet to be crazy and act up I just love to do it,” she said.

“Grow House” is in theaters everywhere Thursday, April 20.


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