Girl, 19, Found Dead in Freezer at Chicago Hotel

*Kenneka Jenkins, a beautiful 19-year-old African American girl, is said to have left home for a party at the Crowne Plaza Hotel near Chicago’s O’Hare Airport around 11 p.m. on September 9.

Hours later her body was discovered in a freezer on the hotel grounds.

According to reports, after a group of her girlfriends that were also at the party claim they couldn’t find her, they called her mom, Teresa Martin.

It was 4 a.m.

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  1. Debra Jones
    See how TERRIBLE much of Society has become? Gone, is Love & Compassion for our fellow man/woman. I just read this story, and the bottom line is, a young woman LOST HER LIFE. Do I think the Hotel is Partially Responsible? Yes. Should The Kitchen Area have been Locked....ABSOLUTELY. What would be Said if this young lady had been a Child, who was accidently Locked in a Freezer? The first thing Said, would be "Where were her Parents?" Second thing Said would be "How come This Area, with It's Deadly Potential, was NOT Properly Secured?" I believe it Should Be Mandatory, that When The Kitchen Is Closed...All Freezers SHOULD Be Pad Locked. Period. (Oh I know, People might think "Oh, that's such a pain in the butt"...BUT, HAD THIS BEEN THE CASE, KENNEKA might STILL BE ALIVE...

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