Yung Joc Just Can’t Quite Explain Why He Was Wearing That Cute Blue Dress (VIDEO)

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*In news that really ain’t about nothin’, we have rapper Yung Joc explaining why he was recently seen in Hollywood wearing a nice fitting blue dress.

Yung Joc, the dude behind that bumpin, bangin hit, “It’s going down,” has been getting’ non-stop on social media attention for his dangerous fashion decision.

This isn’t the first time the “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” star  has stepped out there on the fashion ledge. Last year he chose to sport a new hair style that caught the ire of a lot of peeps on social media who weren’t shy about speaking on it. Who knows, maybe he’s figured out a sure fire way to get attention.

If that’s the case, maybe that’s why he was seen SoCal the other night wearing a slinky blue number that fit him to a tee. OK, we’re exaggerating a tad, but it does look like a good fit for him, seriously!


Veteran U.S rapper, #YungJoc , steps out in a classy Quinceanera dress

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In any event, it didn’t take long before he issued a response to those making jokes and comments about the recently surfaced pictures & video. In fact, in a video, Joc refutes claims of being apart of the Illuminati and he addresses accusations of him selling his soul.

After alluding to “show” that he’s supposedly coming out, Joc goes on to vaguely say that he “f*cked around, some sh*t went down and he ended up in a dress.” Hmm, maybe he’s alluding to some kind of movie or video production. OR, maybe he lost a bet or something.

#YungJoc responds to being seen in a dress.

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Even after that so-called explanation from Joc, we still don’t know what his motive for sportin’ that dress was supposed to be.

Like we said at the top, “in other news that really ain’t about nothin’.” 🙂


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