Shannon Sharpe Warns Players to Say NO to the Owners – WATCH

*”The NFL is in for a battle, and if I’m the players, I’m not giving in.” – Shannon Sharpe addresses the memo sent to all NFL owners

Shannon Sharpe is a really sharp dude, physically and especially mentally, as far as we’re concerned. Oh yeah, brotha’s got some BIG balls, too.

His “Undisputed” style and the way he frames a question or thought with unvarnished truth is hard to resist.

That’s why his take today is very interesting indeed. He makes it clear that the players are in for a battle, if not all out war … from the owners. He warns that if they give in now, they’ll HAVE to go to the White House. Feeling a little LESS free in the home of the brave?

It looks like we know where Shannon Sharpe stands. Is he right? Is he wrong? Chime in, por favor.


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  1. FreedomWave
    If it was your son or daughter, you would be outraged at your child being treated this way and controlled. The FLAG suppose to stand for equality, FREEDOM OF SPEECH, freedom of Press, rights of the people! #Kapernick_Sharpe

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