Black McDonald’s Worker Fired for Her Racial Rant to Hispanic Customer: ‘Can You Say Donald Trump? Can You Spell Deportation?’ [Video]

*Here’s an ignorant ass heffa that needs to be put on blast.

In Charlotte, NC a McDonald’s employee, a black woman at that, has been fired after video of her making racist comments towards a Hispanic customer went viral.

The customer on the receiving end of the verbal attack, Wendy Rios, posted the video on Facebook on Sept. 9.

“Can you spell deportation?” the woman asks Rios, as if Donald Trump isn’t terrorizing black folk, too.

Rios said, in her Facebook post, that the McDonalds worker went off on her after she asked if her order was complete. She also asked that her followers share the clip. It’s now been viewed almost 500,000 times.


ex-mcdonalds worker in charlotte

A McDonald’s employee has been fired after saying, “Can you spell deportation?” to a customer in a video that’s since gone viral. (Wendy Rios/Facebook)

Rios told NBC Charlotte she continued to urge the woman verbally assaulting her to repeat her remarks so she’d “have proof.”

“I kept saying, ‘do it again, do it again,’ because I wanted to have proof what she did to me,” she said.

It certainly appears the (dumb-ass) woman in the video had no problem complying with Rios’ request.

The NY Daily News reports that George Forrest, a McDonald’s franchisee, released a statement about the incident, calling the former employee’s actions “inexcusable.”

“The actions of this employee are inexcusable and in no way reflect the strong values McDonald’s and my organization place on diversity, inclusion and providing a welcoming experience for our customers. This individual is no longer employed at my restaurant and we have expressed our sincerest apologies to the customer for this situation,” the statement read.

On the other hand, Rios says she has not been contacted by anyone at McDonald’s. Hmm, interesting.


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  1. seriously sam
    who is that bigot? i'd love to know so i can avoid hiring her. and her team.
  2. T. K.
    I find it interesting that for years up until immigration and foreigner race needs in America that its okay to use the race card every second! When blacks were told for years when things of similar situation happened to blacks often times including by foreigners who are Hispanic; people would exclaim blacks are too sensitive and use the race card. Yes, everyone should be treated with respect! No one should be treated poorly including all those involved in this video. Technically, saying make America great again or can you spell deportation is not racist. It is not racist to be anti immigration. It not about a matter of hate. Now, I am not pro or anti immigration. But, that is not real racism. But, the media tell you it is because of their great concern of Liberal whites to save foreigners and there is nothing wrong with that either.
  3. California Moreno
    How many blacks in this country especially blacks in the Southwest will know unlike those in the South, Mid or Eastern United States that would not have a clue. Especially, given Hispanics/Latinos act totally different when they outnumber you in a community or if they feel they have or is trying to gain an upper hand. Yes, while you want to see we with those people many want to see us as in them. A many of blacks for the last 40 years can attest being called N words in Spanish, treated to and talked like dogs, have to deal with them being nasty to you in workplace or just outside to the point you cant be in the neighborhood in peace. There has been so many aggressions by Hispanics towards blacks. Yes, blacks will overlook it because the Media tells them to. This is the same media who takes advantage and encourages them to feel they that their Black Lives Don't Matter. Blacks in America feel a need to be dirt to each other and kiss everyone elses rears even if they don't even treat them like human beings more less treat them nicely! The only reason that Foreigners are being tolerably nice to blacks because they need them for the temporary. The reason that the media is selling to blacks they don't matter and throw up the race card they would have told blacks to not use is because they want their liberal agendas or to save foreigners nothing wrong with that either. But, the reason blacks don't matter because of how they view themselves and each other and how they treat each other and themselves! How many blacks lost jobs due to harassment from blacks in the southwest especially, been harassed and hurt, couldn't be in peace. You are so quick to make a mockery of these women cause the media told you to. If this was racism than every experience I have had with foreingers in customer service is the right to claim ten thousand acres and ninety nine mules! And no one is going to care more less fellow black they would join in and participate or demean another black....so this doesn't matter nor will black people! I am so glad the author of this article did exactly as expected and trained by the media. If you could have that kind of energy to speak when the tables is turned like it is realistically 99 percent of the time. these women in these videos I guarantee you as hard working black laborers doing the jobs Hispanics claim only they can and will do. Have probably caught enough hell from foreingers especially hisapnics to have a chip on their shoulder from real racial hostility to be as tall as the Himalayas and I guarantee your kept author of this article and no other liberal or kept don't matter black would haves such shock disdain or remorse! That is why it is hard for blacks to even get a job in many pars of the sw
  4. Pray 4 us all
    They are no different than any rude foreigner particularly Hispanic or east indian towards a black pre Trump era. The foreigners would have swept this under the rug and thought its funny and no issues with it neither the liberal press. However, in this rare occurrence of frustration from people like the customer who often give such behaviors more often than not cause I wouldn't be surprised she herself had a many day before trump era. the foreigners and Hispanics are not going anywhere if anything they are multiply they just want non liberals and blacks who will be dealing with these people hate and screwing over to bow down to them too. A secret for blacks and non liberals...liberals do not care much for your kind and would love to have you hate each other. White liberals only care about white liberals and then foreigners who are not black....and there is nothing wrong with that...but its amazing how much blacks want to matter as much and never will unless they are trained dogs and it seems they are learning to do this well blacks are so concerned about foreigner matters they don't recognize deeply enough they are getting played. and there isnothign wrong with that either.
  5. Justin
    Can the McDonald's worker spell F I R E D?

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