WATCH Hurricane Irma Looters Busted by TV Crew – Racists Have Field Day on Social Media

*Unfortunately this is literally what we were afraid we would see coming out of Hurricane Irma: black folks looting.  🙁

Obviously it’s not a good look and it’s the perfect entre for racists to go crazy on social media lumping ALL black folks in the same category.

Police in Fort Lauderdale, Florida busted nine people who were caught on camera looting a shoe store on Sunday. They busts came after local TV station WPLG recorded the perps entering the Simon’s Sportwear shop through a broken window and running off with merchandise.

The suspects also targeted the nearby CashAmerica pawn shop, according to the Fort Lauderdale Police Department.

“Going to prison over a pair of sneakers is a fairly bad life choice,” Police Chief Rick Maglione said in a statement posted on Twitter.

“Stay home and look after your loved ones and be thankful they are safe.”

Earlier in the day, the department posted mug shots of two men charged in other hurricane-related crimes.

“Can’t say we didn’t warn you…28 YOs Ryan Cook & Max Saintvil each face 6 counts of burglary from overnight #HurricaneIrma,” the department tweeted.

Like we sad at the top, the incident is also an opportunity for racists on social media to pain ALL black people with the same brush.


irma looters1

Check out the comments below from YouTube.

White MEN rescue people from the floods, and bring food, while knee-grows steal, rob, and assault…. ANYWHERE on the globe, where knee-grows gather in mass, you have rape, robbery, assaults, fatherless homes, drug addiction, littered streets, and murder… Yes, there are EXCEPTIONS to the rule…. but 95% of the Black community are a CANCER.

Mr. Daughtry
KillaCommieFerMommie do you really believe no white people are looting? Didn’t your people rape kill and keep “knee grows” as property? The hypocrisy

Bulk Logan
Wheres the white people? Oh yea, only Baboon Niggers do this shit.

Damon DiRisio
Oh look. I don’t see any racist whites looting

Well they better stay away from my neighborhood, I will get the brunt of the storm around 1am. Not looking fwd to this.

Some of Obumas children hard at work just taking what they are entitled to.

Looks like a big Jewish insurance scam and a win win for Blacks too.

Tony Cole
I bet the goddamn apes aren’t stealing work boots.


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  1. Taurusingr
    I too was ashamed when I saw the video. I cried and could look at anymore. We gots to do better fam!!
  2. davester
    It looks like an excited pack of feral urban dogs all excited ooking and eeking, over sneakers! I honestly think stealing in in the nigga DNA.
  3. white america
    Reasons like this is why is why people hate niggers! - You want to be treated like humans quit acting like apes!
  4. Don Pocho
    Where are the parents? These young people should have been at home, waiting for the all-clear signal, that it was safe to go out.
  5. JimRed
    I came across this report while searching for hurricane looters. My intent was to find out if it is indeed racism prompting the posting of those photos and videos, meaning to respond to someone who posted several looter pics on another forum.. Specifically, I was seeking photos or vids of other than blacks engaged in looting, so I could call him out on not using the white guys. Regrettably, I found none. If you are a law-abiding black person reading this, I advise that IF THE SHOE DOES NOT FIT, DON'T PUT IT ON. OOPS! No, that was NOT intended as a pun about shoe store looting. It is sad, but truth is becoming the new hate speech.
  6. The thug apologists who complain "but whites do it too" are too ignorant/uneducated to grasp the simple arithmetic concept of "per capita".

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