A Vulgar/Racist Trump Lashes Out At Black Immigrants Coming to the U.S. From ‘Shithole Countries’

donald trump (pointing)

*Leave it to the orange a-hole in the White House to make it perfectly clear how he feels about immigrants from Africa. And by extension, black people.

We know this because a group of bipartisan senators said Thursday they had reached an agreement to protect young undocumented immigrants, but President Donald Trump put a damper on the debate by questioning why the U.S. would admit people from “shithole countries.”

Trump made the comments at a private White House immigration meeting in questioning why the U.S. would want to admit people from Africa, the source of many diversity lottery applicants, according to two people briefed on the meeting.

“What do we want all these people from these shithole countries here. We should have people from places like Norway,” the president said, according to these two people. Mr. Trump also expressed dismay with granting a legal status, in particular, to people from Haiti. One person said he asked, “What do we want Haitians here for?”

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According to President* Trump, there are way too many dark-skinned immigrants coming from “shithole” countries like Haiti and pretty much everywhere in Africa. The Washington Post reports that Trump

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  1. Where are all the black conservatives who usually kiss his ass and defends him?

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