‘The X-Files’ Cast Seen Taking a Knee Last Year is Back For 11th Season

(L-R) Gillian Anderson, David Duchovny, and Mitch Pileggi at New York Comic Con. (MMoore Photo)

The X-Files” FBI agents Fox Mulder (David Duchovny) and Dana Scully (Gillian Anderson) have searched for the truth the last 25 years because they know “The truth is out there.”

Duchovny and Anderson, seen back in September taking a knee in support of athletes refusing to stand for the National Anthem, are no strangers to truth finding off screen as well.

Back in 2016, Anderson was asked at New York Comic Con by a fan what she thought was the worst conspiracy theory out there? She said that it was the false claims about Obama care. This year “The X-Files” are back with Season 11.

The complicated and sometimes nefarious Walter Skinner (Scully and Mulder’s boss), played by Mitch Pileggi, has a bigger role this time around and there are bigger issues confronting them all this year. Known for a number of other roles, in addition to “The X-Files,” Pileggi is best known among “Supernatural” fans as the granddad of Sam (Sam is named after him) and Dean. I caught up with them all at New York Comic Con and asked them about their roles in the new season.

David, does playing Mulder ever become old hat to you?

DAVID DUCHOVNY: Sure! But that’s my job to not make it feel that way. It’s an actor’s job to figure out how to make it fresh and new and real to himself no matter what he’s doing. If I was doing a play every day I’d be doing the same play every day. And I know there’s an audience out there that’s coming to see that play for the first time and I gotta figure out how to make it for the first time for myself.

So it’s a little bit different, obviously, because the material is going to change but I’m playing the same character. It’s a it’s a question of integrity. For me as an artist, as an actor, as a person, I’m not going to short change you on your investment. It’s wrong morally for me to go out there and to show you that it feels old hat, and to wink at you and say, ‘I’m over this, even if I was. It’s my job to get new with it again.

(L-R) David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson in “The X-Files.”

Is playing Scully still exciting to you?

GILLIAN ANDERSON: I don’t know if exciting is the word. I it makes sense that we have more of a conclusion to the series and to the characters. And I think that it’s certainly nice to work with people that you enjoy working with.

And so in that respect, it feels very relaxed. It’s not like “American Gods” and doing now all the research and honing in on something and perfecting it. It doesn’t have the stress of that. And so that’s enjoyable and I can get excited about the ease of it.

Mitch, to me, you are this iconic character—

MITCH PILEGGI: God bless you! I love you. What are you doing to tonight? [Laughs]

What do you find most interesting about Skinner?

Well I think up to this point there’s a lot about him you don’t know, why he does the things he does. I think he has some mystery about him. You will find out more about him this season than you ever have, which I’m happy about.

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