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Ms. Robbie of ‘Welcome to Sweetie Pies’ Claims Son’s Ex Won’t Allow Her to See Grandson [VIDEO]



Miss Robbie & grandson1

*“Welcome To Sweetie Pies” star Robbie Montgomery claims the mother of her grandson is refusing to let her visit with the kid.

Jenae Wallick, the ex of Robbie’s son, Tim Norman, is allegedly playing hardball when it comes to allowing her son visit with his father’s family.

According to, Robbie posted a photo on Instagram June 22, wishing her grandson a happy birthday.

“Happy Birthday Timmy ! Grandma love you even though I can’t see you. Your daddy side of the family misses you and one day we’ll see you,” the caption stated.

Here’s more from the outlet:

Ms. Robbie uploaded a three-part video, initially responding to her fans suggesting that she has rights to see her grandson. In part 1, she says:

“Yes, you all are right, grandparents do have rights. And I’m gonna make sure I get mine. I’m a fighter, not a quitter. And I’ll go all the way. Thank you for your support. We wish Timmy a lil’ happy birthday, we still love him, regardless. Bye, bye.”

Watch the clips below.

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Wallick responded to the video on Instagram, sharing her side of the story with her followers.

Robbie responded to the remarks by noting that Tim “ain’t even thinking about” Janae.

“That’s the problem,” she added.

Ms. Robbie then accused Jenae of withholding her grandson because of money.

“It’s all about money, and I know I’ve spent a lot on TJ, so if it ain’t about money, what is it about? Every mother wants their child to be with their father, so what’s the problem?”

Jenae claims Tim is the source of the tension between she and Robbie. She alleges he was abusive in the past and rarely spends time with his son.

M.s Robbie & grandson

Ms. Robbie & grandson


1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Martha wilson

    September 2, 2020 at 9:00 pm

    Sad too hear that story because sweetly pie was so good to him. I hope she is alright. I will pray for her.
    Love you miss Robbie.

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