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Baron Jay Littleton Forms ECO-Farming Partnership with Farms By Yuen



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*Baron Jay Littleton, President/Founder of the Baron Jay Foundation and renown entrepreneur/actor/philanthropist/investor/motivational speaker, has launched a new eco-farming venture with veteran farmer and green activist Senn Yuen of Yuen Consulting LLC and his son and fellow eco-farmer Adam SennYuen of Farms by Yuen. Both Senn and Adam have a combined 22 years of farming experience and are based  in Covington, Georgia which is 40 minutes East of downtown Atlanta.

Senn and Adam took time off their daily hectic schedule to answer questions about their new partnership with Baron Jay and address some of the many challenges and opportunities with modern farming.

  1. Why is it important that we or society have more black farmers or farmers of color?

Senn: I’ve been farming for 11 years and I believe it’s important that we must have a balance of farming in all communities rich and poor alike, advantaged and disadvantaged from the most beautiful of lightest color    to the most beautiful darkest color that is my family’s mission for life.

Adam: I am 18 years old I have been farming since I was 7 years old.  I was born in New York City and from there we moved to a small town     in Georgia. I don’t see why it would be important to have more ‘’black’’ farmers in particular. I see more that we, as a society, need to share the knowledge of agriculture to all people, so that all people have a proper understanding of what farming really is and how to get involved.    

  1. When people talk about Black, Brown and lower income communities typically living in a “food deserts” what does that personally mean to you?

Senn: From what I’ve been told from the various communities are that they need access to farm fresh products. Farm-to-table is locally sourced with more abundance and price to fit their budgets in mind. That’s why  my son created Farms by Yuen to farm for those who can’t farm for themselves.

Adam: I feel as if food needs to be abundant to all his people and that there is no aid for these communities that’s why I feel as if there needs to be a change in the economic food chain supply towards all lower income communities. Also, the name of my company is Farms by Yuen and the name ‘’Yuen’’ has very special value to me. It is from my ancestors back in Canton, China and I named it after that to forever honor them in a  way that will make them immensely proud.

  1. What does vertical farming mean and what type of crops and food will you be growing vertically?

Senn: Wow I am glad you asked me that question. Vertical farming is an awesome approach to making drastic changes in the hardest hit communities. Why? Because we can grow specific to any community.    For example, children with special needs like my granddaughter. She has seizures and needs to be on a special plant based diet. We can tailor and grow herbs for his or her specific meal plan and potentially ship anywhere in the world or by drone in authorized communities for use up to a 5 mile radius.

Adam: Vertical farming is the process of growing crops in vertically stacked layers incorporating a cleaner process discarding the use of herbicides and pesticides. Farms by Yuen will be growing anything that can be grew vertically demanded by the communities.

 4. What are the immediate or Phase 1 goals with your company/farm and how will this new partnership with Baron Jay help you enhance those goals?

Senn: Phase 1 Goals: Clear the rest of the land, which is 30 acres, needed to complete Phase 1; cut roads; do 10 tons of crush and run; install solar power; build sheep and goat fencing runs of 5000 feet; build construction building office space of 1500 square ft; build silos for animal feed; install freezers to store produce; install commercial generator system to provide electrical unit of 2000 ft, WIFI Security; install security cameras, build pens for night security Cattle Dogs; install 3000 ft of plumbing 3000 ft; build HVAC Barn and lastly create a chicken “Ayam Cemani” run to accommodate 5000 chicken hen houses which fully completes Phase 1. 

Adam: Baron Jay and Farms by Yuen has incorporated a pilot phase in allocating resources to be of aid to feed communities.

  1. What are your long-term goals with creating an eco-friendly and new age senior living community that has built-in sustainable farming to feed the seniors for free?

Senn: Our long-term goals are to provide an eco-friendly living community environment enough for 10 residents powered by Farms by Yuen & the Baron Jay Foundation with Tesla Solar along with Tesla Semi transportation. He will have well water utilizing Medicaid and Medicare to assist with day to day functionality. Farms by Yuen will supply communities with excess food production for small businesses. We’re striving to be a Farms by Yuen community Food Bank supplying the communities with a consistent access to farm fresh produce.

Adam: Regarding the new senior community, I want the seniors to feel comfortable as can be. We will establish a new procedure on how these seniors need to be taken care of the way. They deserve to be supported and not forgotten about.

Baron Jay Littleton forms eco-farming partnership with Yuen Farms. Pictured: Adam Senn Yuen, Senn Yuen & Baron Jay Littleton. Oct. 2020

Baron Jay Littleton forms eco-farming partnership with Yuen Farms. Pictured: Adam Senn Yuen, Senn Yuen & Baron Jay Littleton. Oct. 2020

  1. What does virtual farming mean and is this a new economic model or revenue stream for farmers in general and especially for your company/farm’s growth?

Senn: Virtual Farming means you want to be there, but you can’t be for whatever the reason is; family, work, business, death, bills, and responsibility. You want so desperately to be there, but you just can’t. You know what it is? Just plain life sometimes. So, you use our virtual farming app designed with consumer protection by Oduwa Blockchain to place your orders tailored to grow to your small business needs.

This is why virtual farming with Farms by Yuen is farming at its best and doesn’t get any better. Yes, I truly believe the way life is today we must learn from the past and understand the man is losing time not gaining so we have come to the realization that we must meet our  fellow man more than halfway for this to work. What does this mean? Farms by Yuen will grow specifically for small businesses and residential customers because you cannot help one without the other as they both benefit each other. It is a custom plan driven to work based upon the actual growth and demand of the community as a whole.

Adam: Virtual farming is farming anything that the customer wants to cultivate without going through the trials and tribulations as an actual farmer would. This new future model will change the way agriculture is perceived to be.

  1. Lastly, are there any myths or misconceptions about farming in general or being a Black or POC farmer that you want to clear up to the media or public?

Senn: Yes, if you are not at least a year ahead of your farm your behind because it takes a year to grow your crops most people do not understand that.

Adam: No, not really, I have not given it much thought.

Baron Jay Littlejohn forms ECO-Farming Partnership with Farms By Yuen

Baron Jay Littleton forms ECO-Farming Partnership with Farms By Yuen

8. Lastly, how do you feel about working with Baron Jay Littleton and your new and sustainable eco-farming and virtual farming partnership?

Senn: He is focused!…He has desire!…He has heart!…He has love for his community and his fellow man. He, Baron Jay, my friend, my family will go far.

Adam: I like working with Baron Jay because of the energy he gives off that he loves helping people. He has become as I would say a mentor to   me by sharing knowledge and tools of education.

Source: Farms By Yuen and The Baron Jay Foundation

Contact Info: [email protected] (800) 765-8030 or @baronjay

Farms By Yuen • Baron Jay Littleton • Baron Jay Foundation.•

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