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Terri Burns Makes History as Youngest and First Black Female Partner at Google Ventures



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*Meet Terri Burns… the younger and first Black female partner at GV, formerly known as Google Ventures. 

Burns joined the company in 2017 as a principal on the investing team, and has since made history by becoming partner.

“There’s a part of me that’s like, ‘It’s really great that we are moving into a space where different types of people — young people, folks of color — are getting a seat at the table and having lots of opportunities,'” she tells CNBC Make It.

“This is an exciting moment that I’m grateful for and looking forward to,” she says. “But I also feel like there is still a lot of work to be done and that’s something that I feel very dearly and take very seriously.”

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Heres more about Burns via

After graduating from New York University with a bachelor’s degree in computer science in 2016, Burns set her sights on moving to Silicon Valley to work in tech. That same year, she landed a job at Twitter working as an associate product manager. During that time, she connected with a partner at GV who had worked in product management for many years and offered to give Burns more insight into the industry and their career journey.

“I ended up actually coming to GV a handful of times to learn more about product strategies,” Burns says. “And then at one point, the partner said, ‘Hey, we’re hiring for the investment team and you would be a great fit.'”

At the time, Burns knew very little about venture capital.

“Early on [at GV], a lot of my work really focused on helping to source deals and helping to support the partners in the work they were doing,” she says of her initial role as principal on the investing team. “There was a ton of mentorship and there was a lot of learning on my end, and then over the course of the last few years the scope of those responsibilities increased.”

Now, as partner on the investing team, Burns is responsible for adding to GV’s portfolio by writing checks to entrepreneurs. 

“I want to make sure that I always have a really diverse portfolio,” she says. “I love consumer companies. I love mobile companies, and I think I’ll probably look more into the Gen-Z market. I’m also really interested in enterprise companies and I think fintech is really fascinating, too.”

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NBA Players Will Not Be Tested for Marijuana Next Season: Report





*The NBA will reportedly ease up on testing players for marijuana for the 2020-21 season.  

According to sports writer Ben Dowsett, “League sources: Continuing a theme from the Orlando bubble, the NBA will not test its players for marijuana for the upcoming 2020-21 season,” he wrote on Twitter. Adding, “sources say this decision is largely based on COVID safety – just another way of limiting unnecessary contacts.However, there’s also significant expectation from many in the league that the entire marijuana testing program is on the way out in the near future.”

Marijuana is still on the banned substance list, but prior to play in the bubble, it was announced that testing for recreational drugs would be suspended, MSN reports. 

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While the NBA has loosened its marijuana policies, commissioner Adam Silver previously addressed altering their anti-drug police and how it would be interpreted by young fans.

Speaking with Chris Haynes of Yahoo Sports last year, Silver noted his concern was addiction, mental wellness, and in-season use

“There’s also guys in the league who are smoking a lot of pot. And then the question is, why are you smoking a lot of pot? And that’s where mental wellness comes in. Because I’ve also talked directly to players who say, “I’m smoking a lot of pot, because I have a lot of anxiety. And I’m struggling,” Silver explained. 

“Last part of this, I think when we change our policy, we have to be very careful, because clearly we’re going to be sending a message to a lot of young people. And at the end of the day, I think we all agree that, whether or not marijuana is a legal substance, just like with alcohol, you still have to teach young people how to use a substance like that appropriately and responsibly and so it doesn’t overwhelm your life. So, it’s a complicated issue.”

Recreational marijuana use is legal in 15 states plus the District of Columbia. 

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Blind Items

BLIND ITEM: The Rapper, Her Husband and His Rape Case



blind item


*The following Blind Item comes Hollywood insider Enty Lawyer. Please address all inquiries and complaints to the original source.

This foreign born former A+ list rapper is about to be sued by the woman raped by the rapper’s convict husband. The rapper and her team regularly pressure the victim to take money so she stops talking about the rape. The rapper’s supporters also regularly target the victim for harassment. The victim is going to sue for tens of millions of dollars and has a very very strong case.

Can you guess the former A+ list rapper and her husband?

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