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T.I. Joins Ebro Darden on The Latest Episode of ‘The Message’ on Apple Music 



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*On the second installment of The Message on Apple Music, Ebro Darden is joined by T.I. for a conversation about his 25-song Message playlist which centers on Black unity in a time of crisis.

He tells Apple Music about the importance of unity, the protests against police brutality, why Kendrick Lamar is “the most successful revolutionary rapper alive”, Lil Baby’s “The Bigger Picture”, the power of NWA’s “F**k The Police”, and more.

The Message is an Apple Music series that aims to further the dialogue about the unrest and inequalities in the United States and abroad via intimate conversations with some of the most prominent voices in Black music today, who also create exclusive playlists of the songs inspiring them to keep pushing forward.

Video and key quotes previewing the episode are below — feel free to use and credit The Message on Apple Music. Listen to the episode and playlist anytime at

T.I. Tells Apple Music About The Importance of Unity…

“I think of all the things that plague our communities, man, sticking together will solve 99% of it. I think the message has always been liberation. Just providing the info that could lead people to the understanding that, hey, look, we’re going to have to come together if we’re going to overrun this.”

T.I. Tells Apple Music About Lil Baby’s “The Bigger Picture”… 

“That was very well played. It was so unexpected. I think he was of the percentile of youngsters that people kind of assume would stay out of the discussion… so for him to so eloquently speak from his perspective, not necessarily compromising one position for another. It was very well played.”

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TI - the message - ebro

T.I. Tells Apple Music About Why Kendrick Lamar Is “The Most Successful Revolutionary Rapper Alive”…

“Present day, I think he’s probably the most successful revolutionary rapper alive. It’s hard to sell. It’s hard to do good business in the revolutionary category. Artists like KRS-One, even Common, Mos Def, the Roots, usually have to trade commercial success for speaking truth in the revolution. And Kendrick has been the one who has been able to simultaneously achieve both. And I think that’s extremely special. That’s an art within itself.”

T.I. Tells Apple Music About The Power of NWA’s “F**k The Police”…

“A lot of people, when they speak about ‘F*ck the Police,’ they act like it started right there. No, you did a bunch of sh*t before that led to someone saying f*ck you. This wasn’t a battle cry. This was kind of like, I guess the commercial, like letting you know, hey, this is going on. This was like an alarm that was running like, hey man, y’all see this? Y’all noticed it happening? Y’all cool with this?”

T.I. Tells Apple Music About The Protests Against Police Brutality…

“Any human beings, any living species if backed up into a corner is going to eventually respond with self-defense. You can’t stop that. That’s God given. It’s universal law. So if you continue to antagonize, you continue to poke and push. Eventually you’re going to be some poking and pushing back.”




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